• “With modern technology and science, you can’t find one instance where an abortion was necessary to save a woman’s life.” – John Becker

  • If babies had guns, they wouldn’t be aborted.” – Steve Stockman

  • “Why do we have laws in place that protect the eggs of a sea turtle or the eggs of eagles? Because when you destroy an egg, you’re killing a pre-born baby sea turtle or a pre-born baby eagle. Yet when it comes to a pre-born human baby rather than a sea turtle, that baby will be stripped of all protections in all 50 states under the Democrats’ bill we will be voting on tomorrow.” – Steve Daines. This one made me really LOL. 

  • Who needs abortion when victims of sexual assault can just get “cleaned out” by a rape kit? Texas Rep. Jody Laubenberg – my head has exploded. 

  • Women shouldn’t complain about forced transvaginal ultrasounds, because they’ve already had sex. Dana Loesch – wait what?

  • Former Texas state representative, Dan Flynn, ALSO thinks you have to cut into a woman’s body — presumably, their stomach? — for an abortion. 

  • Former Ohio state representative John Becker backed up a 2019 bill that banned most private insurance coverage of abortion. But not to worry — in the case of ectopic pregnancy, where the egg implants in the fallopian tube rather than in the uterus, making the pregnancy not viable and dangerous (even fatal) for the mother — his bill included provisions for a procedure to move the egg into the uterus. However…that procedure does NOT EXIST.

  • A Conservative MP has criticised women who think they have an “absolute right of bodily autonomy”.  Speaking in the Commons on Tuesday, Danny Kruger said British MPs should not be “lecturing” the United States. 

?????????????? what.


There was ART, as well as groundbreaking and innovative products being shown; the pros discussed how to make it in the field and there was CREATIVITY in abundance…

At KIT we have found some GOLDEN nuggets of information to help you navigate your way to success in this industry.

Cofounders of cult South London salon Zazzah’s Place, Isaac Poleon and Virginie Moreira — who have worked with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Madonna and Off White — graced us with their wisdom in a Q&A hosted by beauty editor Dominic Cadogan. Their top tips for making it? 1: be nice, 2: find like-minded people who will lift you up, and 3: enjoy yourself. If you love what you do, other people will too.


John Paul Scott spoke to Dazed Beauty editor, Alex Peters, about how to break into the hair industry and run a successful business. Scott explained, “the first person you take onto your team is the most important hire you’ll ever make – it will set the tone of your salon. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of business, and always trust your intuition. Lastly, look after your team. Hair styling is physically hard on the body and can be tough mentally, so pay attention to the wellness of your staff.”

Here’s DAZED DIGITAL talking all about it in detail.


If you can start preparing your body two or three months BEFORE you stop taking the pill you might find your transition will be much easier. Going cold turkey when stopping the pill can be pretty brutal to your system and can sometimes lead to more severe symptoms so it’s worth taking a look below…

  • Vitamin C: Is depleted by the birth control pill. Supplement or eat foods daily that contain vitamin C like: bell peppers, kiwi, papaya, kale, broccoli, brussels sprouts, lemons, strawberries, and oranges. 

  • Hormonal fluctuations (like what can happen after quitting hormonal birth control) often cause breakouts. The good news: you can minimise your risk by doing a few things in advance. Trevor Cates, a naturopathic physician who specialises in skincare, recommends supplementing with evening primrose oil and chaste tree berry in advance, while using “mildly acidic” topical skincare products to balance the skin’s pH.

  • It’s a super good time to cut down or quit alcohol (just for these few first weeks in particular) alcohol just doesn’t help with anxiety…

  • Definitely don’t hesitate to seek professional help – there may be a route more suited to you.

  • Most importantly: support your body and be kind to yourself —reduce stress as much as you can.


We thought we had to do a Part 2 on the HRT crisis.  We wanted to discuss trans women who – to reaffirm the gender-  take the same hormone cis woman take when combating menopause symptoms.  Meaning they are also being affected by the same shortfalls in supply. 

SO – there are three different types of medication that provide oestrogen – Oestrogel (a brand of estradiol gel), Ovestin cream, estradiol patches and Premique tablets – are in short supply and there is ‘no accurate information on when these will be back in widely available stock’, one online pharmacist told HuffPost UK.  This concern was echoed by trans charity Gendered Intelligence, which told HuffPost UK that rather than ‘disregarding these shortages as a trans issue, or worse, treating trans people as the cause of the shortages, we should be fighting for proper healthcare for everyone’. The charity has heard of shortages among the community it supports, with some of its own team members also personally impacted.

LET’S TALK VALIDATION: Validation has come up multiple times when researching this – the ability to be on these hormones – at last on the journey you have been wanting. And then it gets ripped away!?

This was mirrored by one particular trans woman who has stated ‘The mere fact of being given hormones is intensely validating, you’ve got through the processes now, supposed experts believe you. And because it’s got that validating function if something gets in the way of hormones then it sort of… feels like you’ve been knocked back. De-validated.’ 

From the research we’ve done there aren’t enough answers that we can offer you… if you need a chat KIT is always here…