We thought we had to do a Part 2 on the HRT crisis.  We wanted to discuss trans women who – to reaffirm the gender-  take the same hormone cis woman take when combating menopause symptoms.  Meaning they are also being affected by the same shortfalls in supply. 

SO – there are three different types of medication that provide oestrogen – Oestrogel (a brand of estradiol gel), Ovestin cream, estradiol patches and Premique tablets – are in short supply and there is ‘no accurate information on when these will be back in widely available stock’, one online pharmacist told HuffPost UK.  This concern was echoed by trans charity Gendered Intelligence, which told HuffPost UK that rather than ‘disregarding these shortages as a trans issue, or worse, treating trans people as the cause of the shortages, we should be fighting for proper healthcare for everyone’. The charity has heard of shortages among the community it supports, with some of its own team members also personally impacted.

LET’S TALK VALIDATION: Validation has come up multiple times when researching this – the ability to be on these hormones – at last on the journey you have been wanting. And then it gets ripped away!?

This was mirrored by one particular trans woman who has stated ‘The mere fact of being given hormones is intensely validating, you’ve got through the processes now, supposed experts believe you. And because it’s got that validating function if something gets in the way of hormones then it sort of… feels like you’ve been knocked back. De-validated.’ 

From the research we’ve done there aren’t enough answers that we can offer you… if you need a chat KIT is always here…