There was ART, as well as groundbreaking and innovative products being shown; the pros discussed how to make it in the field and there was CREATIVITY in abundance…

At KIT we have found some GOLDEN nuggets of information to help you navigate your way to success in this industry.

Cofounders of cult South London salon Zazzah’s Place, Isaac Poleon and Virginie Moreira — who have worked with the likes of ASAP Rocky, Madonna and Off White — graced us with their wisdom in a Q&A hosted by beauty editor Dominic Cadogan. Their top tips for making it? 1: be nice, 2: find like-minded people who will lift you up, and 3: enjoy yourself. If you love what you do, other people will too.


John Paul Scott spoke to Dazed Beauty editor, Alex Peters, about how to break into the hair industry and run a successful business. Scott explained, “the first person you take onto your team is the most important hire you’ll ever make – it will set the tone of your salon. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when it comes to the ins and outs of business, and always trust your intuition. Lastly, look after your team. Hair styling is physically hard on the body and can be tough mentally, so pay attention to the wellness of your staff.”

Here’s DAZED DIGITAL talking all about it in detail.