The top influential women+ in the world of hair according to search volume, total social following, number of interviews and Wikipedia searches…

At KIT, we are inspired by the amazing women+ we meet in our industry. What we’ve been noticing, however, is that although the world of haircare – and beauty and wellness, too – is targeted mostly to women, it is dominated by men at the top.

We know that there are some fucking fabulous women+ killing it in their field. So we set out to find them. Celebrate them. Be inspired and empowered by them. That’s why we hit the internet and did the research to find out who are the most influential women+ in the hair industry. Inclusive of different identities pertaining to gender. Hence the plus.

We have looked at the number of searches each person has generated over the last year, how many followers they have across social media, the number of interviews they conducted, and finally the number of Wikipedia page views.

We know there must be more women+ out there too. We do not see our list as set in stone. We see it as evolving: we plan to keep on searching, year on year. We’d love this to become a collaborative community. As KIT grows – it’s our BDAY today – we want you all to grow with us.

The Top 30