Social Trends: E1 Never Ending Reels

Never Ending Reels

What’s been hiding within Instagram? Well, we’ve just found out that you can now loop your Instagram reels – making them look effortlessly seamless and attract more viewers. 

How Do We Do This? 

  1. Film your reel and keep separate
  2. Film the intro + outro of your reel on your camera 
  3. Edit the reel with your new film by merging the end of the reel with your new film and making sure that the beginning of your reel fits with the end of your video. 

TIP: Make sure you add all of your original reel clips before trimming and merging!



This trend is getting people to speak up on a topic that matters to them without a filter. Think about what you’re passionate in the hair industry and say your peace. 

TIP: Use the hashtag nonuancenovember to get more views. 

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