Kao Salon Division, part of the skincare and haircare  Kao Corporation, has launched a sustainability online game, to help salons to become more environmentally friendly. THIS IS SUCH A  SICK and super informative. 

Their mission is to make life beautiful for salons, stylists and their clients through partnership, commitment to sustainable practices, salon business growth, and a portfolio of advanced services, innovative products and inspiring education.

Energy consumption, waste and other emissions are the issues that all industries must pay attention to in order to combat climate change. Addressing the issue, Kao Salon Division, has opted for an incredibly innovative online game – ‘Green Mirror’ has been specifically developed to educate salon owners and their teams on how they can successfully address sustainability issues 

Green Mirror offers suggestions, and direction to navigate how to combat change in your salon, as well as answering questions such as: What energy consumption do hair tools and other typical equipment use? How can you limit the amount of hair colour through exact application? And these and other questions are put to players over the course of the game.The answers will then also help hairdressers and salon owners to make ecologically friendly choices for their everyday work in the salon.

“Educating and supporting salons to make environmentally friendly choices for their salons is one of the key pillars of our ESG commitment”, explains Dr. Elmar Mussenbrock, global director sustainability at Kao Salon Division. “Instead of sharing information in classic ways such as brochures and static content on websites, we decided for a highly modern, interactive digital format that offers not only a deeper learning experience but also a lot of fun.”

By Sophia Collins