Educator, Inventor + Session Stylist

— With a hypnotic-like edge, Mai Ha’s work entices the viewer to take a closer look. Eliminating noise and distraction, the purity of her creations is recognised on a global scale. Captivating an industry, Mai is graceful in action with a quiet determination to produce original work.

Educator, session stylist and conceptual artist, her experimental approach to all aspects of hair is clean and considered. Assisting Guido Paolo, Eugene Souleiman and Anthony Turner, Mai’s commitment to session work has seen her travel internationally. Inspired by detailed and thought-provoking fashion, Mai has a strong artistic vision that runs through everything she creates.

Pushing possibilities and exploring the relationship between hair and manufactured materials such as paper, string and metal, she incorporates them into hairstyles to create unique textures. These materials aren’t disguised, but stand proudly as integral components of her visual concepts.

Living in Manchester and working a Shade, Mai combines wellness and creativity with her technical ability to produce hair that works internally and externally for her clients. 

Talking points

  • Session and editorial work
  • Creative & brand consultancy
  • Trends and education

Social Stats

  • IG: 14.7K

Book For

  • Editorials
  • Photoshoots
  • Education
  • Content creation

Mai Ha

Location: Manchester

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