Money Mindset + Pricing Coach 

— Innovator, educator and coach, Maddi Cook is cultivating her experience as a hairdresser to positively disrupt the industry. A social media and marketing maverick, Maddi is the epitome of entrepreneurship. a hard-working northerner applying her skills in forecasting mentoring and online business to help improve the mental and financial health of hairdressers.

— Kind, creative and not afraid to stand up for others, Maddi has developed a growing audience that looks to her for practical, simple and effective business tools. Formerly a freelance hairdresser and prior to that a salon owner, Maddi developed an understanding of business that is fundamentally not taught at any point of the journey. Boss Your Salon is a coaching platform that supports the industry through business education, masterclasses and the renowned Boss Your Profits Pricing Calculator. Educating salon owners and independents on their worth, the Pricing Calculator has already added over £36 million in profit to almost 4,500 hairdressers that use the programme. 

— Secure in the belief that success is for everyone, Maddi’s coaching programmes have been designed to apply to all creatives and even attract those outside of hairdressing. Over 15,000 professionals have attended her money mindset masterclass to date and it has recently been launched on a global scale.

Talking Points

  • Pricing strategies
  • Boundaries and policies in business
  • Value articulation, marketing and how that ties in with pricing

Social Stats

  • IG: 31.2K
  • FB: 17K

Book For

  • Trade content creation
  • Brand presentations 
  • Panel discussions 
  • Social media education
  • Guest speaking
  • Product development

Maddi Cook

Location: Newcastle

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