Positive and inspiring insights from Creative HEAD Magazine’s Salon Smart event. Despite the challenges facing the salon industry, Creative HEAD Magazine’s Salon Smart event was a beacon of positivity, innovation, and inspiration. Attendees participated in a variety of activities including listening to guest speakers, networking, and live Q&A sessions. The event aimed to help salon and barbershop owners and managers get inspired and learn from leading industry talent and innovators who are driving change in the field. Among the standout presenters were KIT members Maddi Cook, Danielle Garner, and Joe Hemmings.

Maddi Cook, the founder of Boss Your Salon, shared her perspective on money management, highlighting the importance of pricing. She pointed out that many salons base their pricing on copying others or guesswork, which is not sustainable. Maddi’s approach is based on knowing and charging your worth, emphasising that pricing should be done correctly from the beginning to ensure there is enough money in the business to cover overhead costs.

Danielle Garner, who advocates for workplace well-being, stressed how important it is for businesses to prioritise their employees’ well-being. She shared her own experiences and recommended that business owners treat well-being as an essential part of their operations. Danielle also shared how she supports her stylists in maintaining a positive attitude by offering guided meditation sessions to clients when they’re visibly upset.

Joe Hemmings, who discussed structuring for success, highlighted his journey managing Bloggs Salon for 12 years. He shared how his shift in perspective towards humanised and transparent management styles transformed his business and outlook on salon management models. Communication, he emphasised, is crucial, and he believes that salon owners should prioritise getting to know their team members and what motivates them.

It’s wonderful to see KIT members using their platform to inspire and empower the next generation. By sharing their voices and experiences, they are not only promoting wellness and inclusivity within the industry but also encouraging others to create a positive impact. Here are some potential ways that KIT members are inspiring future generations.