Researchers are uncertain about exactly why PMS negatively affects sleep; however, studies have identified potential reasons for this symptom.

  • Changing hormone levels may provoke difficulty falling asleep as well as more sleep interruptions in women with PMS. Multiple studies have found that sleep worsens during the late-luteal phase (when PMS arises) in comparison with other parts of the menstrual cycle.

  • Hormonal changes before and during menstruation may harm sleep through effects on body temperature and melatonin production. Progesterone, which increases after ovulation until the late-luteal phase, increases body temperature to an extent that can cause fragmented sleep. BLEAUGH.

  • ALSO it could be regarding anxiety: anxiety about anything to do with periods,because let’s face it,periods aren’t a walk in the fucking park. This anxiety can completely destroy a night’s sleep – this could be because of your new White Company sheets, or your hormones are just draining you. 

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