Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a  hormonal disorder that causes a number of different symptoms in people who menstruate.

There are SO MANY misconceptions about PCOS. Its symptoms will inevitably impact sufferers in the workplace. PCOS can cause feelings of tiredness and exhaustion, resulting in a lack of focus at work. Due to PCOS going widely undiagnosed, many women, trans mens and GNC folk, are suffering with symptoms in silence.

As with many conditions that predominantly affect women+, there is a MONUMENTAL need for more research and training, further discussion and increased awareness on this highly complex issue.

PCOS affects around 1 in 10 women. It is a hugely undiagnosed condition; one study showed that up to 70% of women hadn’t yet been diagnosed with PCOS.  According to the NHS, women and girls with PCOS are at greater risk of developing long-term health problems such as insulin resistance and diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, depression and mood swings, fatigue or sleepiness during the day.

Here at KIT, we want to offer employers all the information you need to help your employees or your colleagues who are either suffering in silence or need fucking help. SO:

  • PROVIDE free period products in toilets, making sure employees have access to clean washrooms with sanitary bins, and ensuring staff are able to take regular breaks can all help to support PCOS and general menstrual help. 
  • EDUCATE YOURSELF as an employer, managers to best support your employees.
  • ACKNOWLEDGE that some staff might be suffering with PCOS but not know they have it; always be supportive.
  • RAISE AWARENESS of the symptoms of PCOS to improve its visibility and make staff feel supported.
  • PROVIDE flexible working options to help staff deal with their physical and emotional symptoms.
  • RAISE awareness that transgender and non-binary people may also experience these health issues.


By Sophia Collins