It’s that time of year again — when people look back on the year and plan for the next year ahead, we are constantly being reminded of “New Year, New You ” and how best to rebrand ourselves for 2023. Self-improvement is important but it can also be toxic – pushing us to a “rebranding deadline”. Are we conforming to societal pressure to set resolutions for the New Year? 


The “fresh start effect” is the desire to set goals often at the beginning of a new chapter, whether it be a new week, new month, or new day – we all seek to evolve or grow into a higher version of ourselves. Instead of setting New Year’s resolutions, perhaps a review of the past year is more of what you need. A period of reflection to process and understand your growth as well as audit what is and isn’t serving you. This end-of-year review can help you release any emotional baggage and ultimately end and start the New Year with a deeper and clearer understanding of yourself.


Are your priorities the same now as they were at the beginning of the year, or have you shifted your focus? This kind of introspective questioning will keep you honest with yourself. Figuring out what motivated and inspired you versus what drains you emotionally or physically during the year can help you better understand where you may need to establish better boundaries.


Recognize your accomplishments and give yourself credit for what you did well. Reflect on the lessons you learned, as well as the knowledge and skills you cultivated throughout the year. Acknowledge your mistakes so you can use them as a self-improvement tool. 

Our founder Karrie found great tips this time last year, in the Tim Ferris podcast ‘Past Year Review’, click here to listen.