AH MUM GUILT.  Yeah, it’s the worst. More than that, we feel super fucking helpless, a little useless, and for some reason, we forget that we’ve done such a good job. It’s a lonely feeling. Almost a claustrophobic feeling.


Honestly, holding it all together is draining enough, looking good for work is a whole different thing. *ZOOM CAMERA OFF* is our forte. It’s embracing the fact that you are a QUEEN. 


SO, here are just a couple of things to remember:


  • Fuck the word should – as Dr Maggie Warrell said: ‘Our shoulds are a melting pot of social expectations, family pressures, and often unspoken rules we often buy into without even realising it.’ Please don’t let this word erode you. You’re doing your best. 
  • Remind yourself that you doing you sometimes is a bloody good thing. 
  • Remember to focus on quality, in everything you do. 
  • Keep track of yourself internally. 
  • No one has the right to tell you how to handle any facet of your life.


I bet you’re fucking exhausted. When you have a second… maybe read a part of that book you never got round to.  And, remember sometimes you just have to rest.  The world can wait. 


By Sophia Collins