For the first time ever, say hello to our KIT DVLPMNT Team!

After widespread support and applications we are so excited to share the five forces of KIT DVLPMNT, our initiative for rising talent within our industry. Without further ado, say hello to… (drum roll)


Zofija Witch 

What we love about Zofija 

She is energetic and confident, pro activism (like us). Zofija is an openly proud trans woman in the hairdressing industry. She nurtures her clients so that they can feel loved and safe when they are with her. She is definitely one to watch — we love everything about her!


Jennifer Ball

With powerful role models like Lulu Richards, Jennifer is in good company in bringing more female representation to salon owners. A woman of many talents with an organic and light-hearted approach to hair Jennifer is the embodiment of KIT’s love for all things girl power.


Orla Langton

Orla is a trailblazer and a rising talent — with her fresh, open take on hair and education as well as kick-ass cutting skills – Orla embraces curls and texture. Hailing from Wildflower Studio, Dublin she values openness and collaboration at the core of her work as an aspiring hair educator.


John Alfred

A talented hair colourist with a cause — John is a freehand balayage artist with a unique flare that stands out. Since getting qualified and getting on the floor at age 19, John has been making his mark in the industry, including being one of two apprentices representatives advocating for legislative change to implement Afro/textured hair education added to the Level 2 apprenticeship curriculum.


Rheanna Wood

Rheanna is breaking the mold as a logical and creative hairdresser. After entering the industry in 2016 from working as a certified accountant she is making a mark in the industry through her pursuit of creating a deeper understanding of the niche market of mixed-race hair types. We are excited to see more diversity and inclusivity enter our industry with Rheanna as a force of change.


We want to say a huge thank you to all that applied, with over 40 applications it was indeed a hard decision –  stay tuned for news about them and our next KIT DVLPMNT call-out.  We’re excited to see this team grow and flourish as the future talent of our industry.