LGB with the T. ALWAYS.

We’re just in total and complete sadness… We can’t believe what’s happening. To our dearest trans siblings we love you, we support you, we are here for you. 

The UK government, back in December 2021, promised to ban conversion therapy via new legislation.

On 1 April 2022, political leaders – baffled that they’re still considered ‘leaders’  – agreed to impose a partial conversion therapy ban, only for lesbian, gay and bisexual individuals. Transgender conversion therapy would remain legal under the new proposal.

The UK government is targeting our trans siblings. The government has demonstrated the transphobic core that is at the heart of Downing Street. 

TOGETHER LET’S BAN CONVERSION THERAPY: these are the some of the things you can do now that’ll start getting shit done to support our trans siblings:

  • Ask your MP to support a Trans-Inclusive ban on conversion therapy

And if you need support, help, anything, these are some resources for you: