Let’s talk about Doom Scrolling and if you’re unfamiliar with what Doom Scrolling – IT IS when you are sitting on your phone and you start falling down that little rabbit hole of reading excessive amounts of news stories that probably bring up negative emotions for you AND trigger you. 

This is different from just reading the Daily News and staying informed. This behaviour can become somewhat persisted so why do we do it?

 The psychology behind this is quite interesting because when it feels like there are things happening that are really scary in the world like mass shootings or  racial injustice it can feel like everything is out of your control so this can be a way of seeking reassurance and away to help us try and ease our anxiety over the situation so this is a friendly reminder that even though there’s a lot going on in the world it’s important that you:

  • You can create a physical separation from your devices. You could even leave your phone at home when you go for a walk or run or an errand or if you’re spending time with her friend you could turn off notifications from the news and turn them on again once you feel mentally prepared to do that. 

  • This kind of leads me into saying go on a news diet that limits how much you start scrolling, set a timer three times a day whatever you feel comfortable with, 

  • Stop push notifications from news sources and read the news at your own pace. 

  • We all know that social media can be a really positive place. We need to break the cycle with positivity throughout social media, bookmark websites or social media accounts that make you feel good and when you notice yourself going down the doom scrolling path open up the positive pages on your account. 

  • Seek out positive stories as well as staying informed you need to remind yourself and protect yourself preserve yourself preserve your world that you live in it’s a really tough time at the moment for all of us particularly women were struggling I mean maybe you just need need that time to just look at some makeup trails whatever calms you down organisational porn –  let’s do that.

 Just had to say it today of all days.