OK SO let’s start this off: what the fuck is the Metaverse and what is the hair industry’s take on it? 

BASICALLY, the metaverse is a set of digital spaces. You then get the chance to be in any of these spaces, doing things, VIRTUALLY. But how will it affect hairdressing? 

And what about hair? What could this mean for the hair industry?

Could the metaverse present an opportunity for clients to try on new colours and cuts without commitment? AND could it be as useful as social media now – the future of marketing tools? EDUCATION is a game changer too, perhaps? Literally without geographical borders 

SO, here are just a few people’s opinions on what this could do for the industry – some good, some bad, and some damn right UGLY. 

VAGARA BLOG: “Salons could use the Vagaro booking software in virtual worlds and have customers book appointments directly. Whether they’re in between gaming sessions or hanging out in a chat room with friends, having your brand pop up and allowing simple appointment bookings could make a huge difference in the number of customers that sign up for your services.” 

Jennifer Leng: “There is so much possibility – honestly you can teach anything in the metaverse – there are no borders – you can do it on your own accord, and since COVID there has been a lot of difficulty within the world of education, the metaverse offers a place where you can be on your own, and actually in so many ways is far more neurodiverse – the only thing at this point is being aware of which would work for you – AR, VR? SPATIAL? The possibilities are honestly endless. 

AND Kadir Alkan, who carries his hairdresser to Decentraland, where Samsung also opens a store, states that this step is only 1 percent of what they plan to do in the future. “The first goal of this virtual store is to present the developed hairstyles to the users and to receive appointment requests.  Stating that he wants to develop technologies that will lead the world of hairdressing with AR and VR, Alkan said, “Today, I am another friend of mine, tomorrow we will build the future by developing each other.”

What do you think? Are we seeing a total game changer or just a FAD?