Okay so we have been taking a look at HOW becoming more digital can help you, your salon and your staff. And simple ways you can implement digital into your salon — that are super easy and straightforward. 

SO, we wanted to take a deeper look into the connection between the virtual world and the hair industry, and discover ways to utilise this digitisation to YOUR benefit. Here are some ways to implement it into your salon:

  • Inbound Marketing Strategy ( in addition to showing your salon and products in a striking way, you will solve the doubts and problems of your customers, in turn, increasing their confidence).
  • Analysis of all data, such as the number of followers, likes of publications, views, engagement, etc … to see if indeed your community grows and your publications are on the right track.
  • Use of bots on your website to help the user at all times.
  • Sending periodic newsletters to your customers informing them of new services, products or promotions thanks to the leads or registrations on your website *WINK WINK*
  • Management of SEM campaigns (paid ads on search engines like Google) with a limited budget to enhance all the above points and increase the visibility of our business.
  • Also, perhaps consider an automated booking management tool.  Management of reservations through the establishment’s website. In this way, customers, at a glance, can see the days and times available in the centre, booking the services chosen on the date that best suits their needs. PLUS it saves a huge amount of time – no need for phone calls – it’s all there for booking.
  • Inventory management, orders and work processes. There is an influx of management programs that allow you to constantly update your business in all areas. We are talking about programs that, for example, connect the online sales of your products with the hairdresser’s stock. This kind of software allows you to have the accounting up to date, the staff and even, in case of lack or shortage of stock, they warn you when you have to place your next order. It’s super interesting and completely accurate.
  • Business data analysis. Thanks to the digitisation of your salon, you can quickly and easily access multiple online tools that will make a comprehensive analysis of your business in all areas of it. One particularly powerful tool is Cyfe. It’s great to analyse online sales at all times as well as monitoring all the metrics of digital channels in a single panel, storing historical data in the system or extracting data from different sources to see the behaviour of sales

Need any more ideas on how to navigate digitisation in your salon? Just DM us.


By Sophia Collins