OK, so we could do another article about how you can relax and how you can do this and how you can do that, BUT, here at KIT, we’ve been looking into other ways of how you can relax without feeling the pressure to do so, because sometimes that can even make it worse.  Food for thought…

Can we please stop acting like relaxation is the way to heal – because currently I feel like we think we’ve got to work, and then we have to relax. We are almost obliged to relax when actually there are other ways you will be able to calm yourself. So much of healing is not simply about being able to relax. Of course that’s our main goal:to stay calm and  peaceful. But actually life, technology screens, and news can be so exhausting, that we don’t even know how to relax anymore.

MAYBE relaxing isn’t actually what you truly need

MAYBE what you need is to:

  • Be able to stand up for yourself. 

  • Be able to hold the charge of your anger. What you need is to learn how to feel safe in your own body. 

  • Find safe ways to discharge the excessive activation of your nervous system after all the shit that’s been happening. 

  • Connect to your power and autonomy without submitting to shift out of that feeling of helplessness you’ve been carrying way too long 

  • Stop putting other people’s needs and desires before your own 

Relaxation is not the golden apple of healing. Maybe once you attend to these concerns, you’ll be able to relax. Just a thought. 

Do you have ways that allow you to grow?