There’s a new aesthetic in town and it’s here to dethrone 2022’s Clean Girl Aesthetic – Vanilla Girl Aesthetics is all about luxe, cosy minimalism. It leans heavily on easy-going, cosy, tactile textures and airy, neutral colours like white, beige, cream, and of course, vanilla. The textures and colour tones are carried into hairstyles with relaxed, simple styles scooped up into claw clips, left loose with wafty curtain fringes or soft waves and curls, or tied into laidback ponytails.


2022 was the year of the Clean Girl Aesthetic, which is characterised by gold jewellery, and glossy lips, while your hair will likely be slicked back in a claw clip, bun, or pony. The trend has amassed nearly 2 billion views on TikTok, largely in part to tutorials on how to achieve the look.


The opposite of the Vanilla Girl is the Succubus chic aesthetic, defined by Three main components: dark or black hair, bleached or plucked thin eyebrows, and hollow cheeks. This aesthetic comes as a shift away from the focus on wellness, skincare, and the ‘clean girl’ look, towards a messier and undone look aesthetic. 


How does this trend affect hair services? Every aesthetic has a hairstyle to match, so with that, these trends push new hairstyles and colour trends. It’s no surprise colours like Alpine Blonde, Coconut Blended Balayage, and Targaryen Blonde are trending in the midst of the rise of the Vanilla Girl era. These trends also are a forecast for consumer behaviour – voluminous hair has led to the popularity of products such as the Dyson air wrap blow dryer, hot rollers, heatless curlers and layered haircuts.


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