Health is wealth, and this currency needs to be protected, cherished and nourished daily. We are worth so much more than how we look, but when skincare and makeup are so embedded in our routine, we have the ability to use this routine for our mindfulness, reflection and reconnection. Mindfulness has often been neglected simply because there is a misconception of the simplicity and beauty of mindfulness.

Mindfulness has flexibility whereby we can mould to our own desired preferences. We can make it our own, we are able to dictate how we can be mindful. The concept of mindfulness intertwined with our beauty and haircare explores how mindfulness is often abandoned and the possibility that we can begin to infuse this kind of practice within our pre-existing routine with skincare and makeup. 

We can begin to explore natural ingredients, safe synthetics, environmental sustainability, mission-driven business, slow beauty, aromatherapy, moon cycles. Mindful beauty permeates our daily routine and instils mindfulness in our everyday life. There are many start-up brands that are actively reimagining the business. We can begin to use our skincare or makeup whilst recognising our breath and using it as an anchor to return ourselves to the present; allowing us to navigate through anxiety or simply to navigate our present, healing self. Anchoring our breathing, married with our daily routine, is a gentle nudge from within to make time with your inner self just as you do with your everyday exterior self: we must nurture our interior being. There are a few brands that perhaps we can explore to become more aware of our own mindfulness: Act & Acre have recyclable packaging, cold Processed manufacturing, and refills, and are making power moves that encourage the industry to do better.  Act & Acre use their blog to highlight fundamental aspects of the industry and instigate conversations about balance, nutrition and wellness: three pillars to mindful beauty.


Here at KIT, we think that this concept gently asks you to use these daily practices whilst using your brands, and to be mindful with your routine whilst understanding your breathing and reflecting on yourself.


By Sophia Collins