We’ve been discussing ways in which to truly allow your apprentices to grow. The difficulty within the hairdressing community is that there doesn’t seem to be a bridge between the juniors and those in the top hierarchy tier. This becomes problematic because the apprentices can’t foresee their future. 

We’ve discussed the financial difficulties; we’ve discussed other difficulties in terms of neurodiversity within haircare and how can we truly allow them to reach their full potential? How can we create an atmosphere where they feel valued, ambitious and happy to continue their role and pursue their career?

Our thinking would be to: 

  • On day one, introduce them to the salon, the team, the brand, tell them what you expect from them, explain your ethos and mantras and ways to uplift them continually, perhaps consider team talks? Or take a look at leadership qualities. 

  • Apprentices can’t just be used to clean the floor and make coffees; it’s important that each apprentice is assigned a stylist or technician mentor.

  • Nurture them and expect them to grow into their role. Discipline and mentor them throughout their apprenticeship.

  • Listen to what they have to say – understand their ambitions within the hairdressing industry, and consider assigning their mentor based on this. 

  • Teach them how to blow-dry and teach them finishing skills. When you are busy, an extra pair of hands is always useful and these skills are something they will need every day. 

  • Give them a sense of responsibility.