Here at KIT, we’ve been discussing ‘trends’. Trends in the Hair World, we love. Trends about diet culture, we do not. We’ve been seeing promises left right and centre showing people the fastest way to get their bodies ‘summer ready’. And in effect, making us feel like shit, purposefully and in such a toxic way. We’re over it. PLUS, the stupid alogrithims: if we even type the word ‘bikini’, for some reason instagram decided it’s TOXIC DIET CULTURE TIME. Bleugh.

SO, we went on a search to see how mindfulness and body-loving coaches respond to these — and how to approach the feelings, both good and bad. These are the amazing solutions by Chrissy King, who started the Body Liberation Project:

  • Practice gratitude for yourself as a daily ritual

The way we look is the least interesting thing about us. Our bodies are merely the shell we reside in and allow us to have these human experiences. Show appreciation daily for things that have nothing to do with what you look like.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparing our perceived worst to other people’s best can be downright harmful. But I also encourage you to stop contrasting the you of today with the you of the past. It’s not about what your body used to look like or what it used to be able to do. It’s about embracing the present.  Compassion is the antidote to feelings of guilt, shame, and dissatisfaction about our bodies. Some days we will love what we see and other days we won’t — that’s natural, and it’s human. The trick is to learn to approach the feelings, both good and bad, that come up with curiosity and kindness.

  • Buy clothes that fit your current body

An instant way to feel better about our bodies is to wear clothes that fit us well and that we feel comfortable in. Instead of waiting to buy new clothes until we “lose 10 pounds,” I encourage my clients to take themselves shopping if they have the resources. You deserve to feel good in your wardrobe today. It doesn’t need to be a reward for weight loss. Cultivate a deep love affair with yourself

And just a side note from KIT: You are just magical. Treat yourself with the love and respect you deserve.


By Sophia Collins