HER+ Experience: What Would You Say To Your Younger Self?

Here at Kit, we’ve been thinking about what we would say to our younger self. If you had the ability to go back and hug yourselves, support yourselves and offer advice, what would you say? We’ve been asking around… these are just a few <3 

Stop comparing myself to peers of the same age in terms of success. It’s deeply negative to do so. Everyone has different circumstances/advantages. I’d also say to my 20yo self to read more books on psychology

Be patient. Your time for self love will come when you’re ready

Be kind to yourself 

Trust others – but know that sometimes people don’t deserve your trust 

Expect ups and downs

Know it’ll be ok in the end

Just as good times come to an end, so do bad times

Have as much fun as you can

Be kind to yourself 

Laugh out loud! If someone tells you to be quiet tell them you’re sorry that laughter offends them or fuck you – which ever feels right 

Always remember that life is beautiful 

Go outside any sunny day if you can 

You can NEVER be too old to get really excited about anything

When you’re angry use the anger wisely – run, paint but never ever make someone feel less 

To hold on tight

You’ll experience loss, you’ve not really met her yet. She will break your heart but she shall also be your teacher. 

You deserve forgiveness. You must forgive yourself. 

DON’T have sex with the neighbour. There’s a reason for the saying ‘too close to home’ (but don’t worry too much as mum soon sells the family house). You can put the bins out in your dressing gown and slippers again. 

Stop apologising and just be. You are magnificent and time will teach you how magnificent

Your heart will mend. You’ll learn everything you do comes from love. I’d tell her you are special. Not everybody is like this 

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By Sophia Collins