Woodstock is BACK. Hair wise at least. MULLETS, PEACH IS HERE AGAIN & COGNAC. Let’s dive right into the details…

Angela Hazelton foresees a return to the free-spirited 60s vibes – l o v e — with golden blondes, strawberry blondes, and warm-toned brunettes.   Hazelton says the summer is going to focus on: “warm, glossy hair.” These tones will lean more into single-process hair colour with minimal highlighting, she adds. “Soft highlights to give the hair some sparkle and a touch of dimension, but not an overdone or obvious look will be on-trend.”

We’re also seeing a lot of COGNAC colours, particularly trickling down from the MET with Sophie Turner, and Kaia Gerber. AND at the Cannes Film Festival with Nidhi Sunil. We are seeing what is now called: a “cognac brunette” refresh.  

SUMMER NEON? Yes. And we are here for it. Warm neon somewhere on the citrus or rosy spectrum. Pink and Peachy tones for when you’re sipping on a margarita. 

Also we have to admit the pixie cut is having a real come back. This isn’t a trend for the commitment-phobes, Nai’vasha Johnson says the pixie cut is trending this year: “I recommend trying a ‘pixie wig’ cut first.” “The pixie starts super short, but when you let it grow it turns into something even cooler. But it’s something you really have to commit to.”

Kinda wanting to try them all. Kinda wanting a margarita too. 

Do you have a prediction? Let us know.


By Sophia Collins