Literally all of drag culture is fucking great but we at KIT want to know more about how hair and drag intertwine…  The wigs are incredible – OBVS – the hair is incredible – STANDARD – but there is just SO MUCH MORE TO DISCUSS.  


Wig stylist Chelsea Piers and Nilla are INSANELY TALENTED. Piers highlights that  “Wigs are an opportunity for you to tell a complete story with your image, I think that having a styled wig is a great opportunity to say something about your drag and the way you want to look.”  

Piers and Nilla are usually sent a few images for reference to get a better idea of what the client is looking for, and then the magic happens. Nilla goes on to explain: “Once you get the curl you want in the wig, you go through section by section, tease out the different sections, and then tease them together to make a stable base. Once it’s teased out, you spray the insides and start to style.” 

Nilla and Piers go on to explain that they like to let the hair ‘speak to them’. “I prefer to work by following what the hair is telling me to do,” Nilla states. “I’ll go in a general direction, but if a curl starts to form in one area, I’ll let it do that. It makes it easier on me than trying to force something that’s not going to happen.” AND this allows them to truly explore all their magic, creativity and flat out brilliance. It is art – complete art – and shows that personality can mould hair, or is it that hair moulds our personality? 

THERE ARE SO MANY INCREDIBLE ARTISTS IN DRAG CULTURE. And Edward Sizzahands is another who’s totally unreal, and goes into detail stating that NOTHING IS OFF LIMITS. Chicken wire, modge podge – it’s all fair game. Sizzahands has used money as a material in hair, MAD COLOUR in hair, and fucking fascinating sculptures with hair.  In fact, just do yourself a favour and watch this clip.

By Sophia Collins