We want to show you the recovery of the industry in numbers! The industry shows a promising 54% recovery rate. Over two thirds of business owners are confident of their survival, with over 40% of them planning to expand their businesses going into 2022. 

We wanted to explore this – and show an example of game changers in the industry who truly support their team to become the best they can be, facilitating a HUGE growth in their salon – one such example is Colin McAndrew, owner of MEDUSA. 

Colin McAndrew said: “We consistently invest in [the team’s] professional development, but during the pandemic I appreciated just how important it is to also invest in my team as people. Having experienced fertility treatment first hand, I want to help others that go through it also. Supporting them financially as well as creating an open culture in the salon will hopefully help lessen the struggles of such treatment.”

Additionally, Mr McAndrew and three members of his team have completed a Menopause in the Workplace course, and an expert is booked in with each salon to help educate staff on the subject.

The firm added that 90%of its team and 84%of its customers are female, and it cited a study finding that 25% of menopausal women consider leaving the workplace due to their symptoms.

Medusa has also introduced free period products for all staff and launched a Salon Safe campaign in the last year.