Endometriosis sufferers go through so much. So much pain – emotionally, physically… It’s too much.  

What we have realised is that we just don’t know enough. One thing is clear there is NOT ENOUGH RESEARCH TO KNOW THE CAUSE. Big up to all those fucking incredible people who are making serious moves and changes for endometriosis, it needs to happen.  We have to talk about STATS.  We’ve seen a report called ‘we all bleed the same colour’ and THIS NEEDS TO BE SEEN.  

The article reports that Endometriosis is traditionally associated with being a “white woman’s disease,” which may consequently lead to misdiagnosis and delays in appropriate treatment for Black women.  This is an article you need to read. 

Here’s a little extra info:  Endometriosis is where cells, similar to the lining of the womb, grow outside of the womb. And, sadly there are countless symptoms of endometriosis:  Leg pain, painful ovulation, pelvic pain, painful periods, pain in sex, extreme bloating, back pain, chronic fatigue, rapid weight gain/weight loss, bleeding, painful urination.

The endometriosis lesions act in the same way that the uterus cells do – they shed/bleed each month as a period but the Endo lesions don’t have anywhere to go so this results in pain inflammation and adhesions that can stick organs together. 

There is no cure for endometriosis, but it can be managed with surgery, hormone treatment, pain medication, and lifestyle change.

We’ve been thinking of ways to help at KIT,  and how we can support and handle employees who are suffering from ENDOMETRIOSIS. Here’s what we’ve learnt so far: 

  • Understand that due to the fact that there isn’t enough research, Endometriosis is a really lonely condition
  • There are countless symptoms of Endo; fatigue, weight gain, serious pain – BE AWARE. Do your research. 
  • Cultivate an environment where support is endless.  Where any sufferer can talk openly in a safe environment on how endometriosis is affecting them.
  • If they do want to take the surgery route, understand that pain and discomfort will be significant for roughly two months.  Their doctor may prescribe hormone medications to help prevent further endometriosis pain and this can be a really tough process.

Also, here is an incredible website that supports the Endometriosis community.


By Sophia Collins