The Little Princess Trust has started accepting Afro hair donations for the first time,  facilitating some serious changes that needed to happen. All because of a new technique – wefting.

Previously, anyone hoping to donate afro hair has been unable to do so. Until now.

Raoul, London’s oldest wig-making shop and the first to provide wigs for the NHS, has developed what’s known as a ‘wefting’ method to simplify the wig-making process. Meaning the Little Princess Trust can accept donations from Black, mixed-race and other hair donors, and provide real-hair wigs to the children who need them. These lovely children can have the hair they were born with as their wigs as they’re trying to navigate such a painful journey. 

Before this method was developed, the Little Princess Trust did provide afro wigs – but made from European straight hair, which had been styled into tight curls.

Now they can use this new technique– only developed in 2021– so more young people can benefit from real curly hair and so 2022 is looking brighter.

By Sophia Collins