Millions of adults may suffer from SAD. SEASONAL AFFECTIVE DISORDER.

Although many may not know they have the condition. SAD occurs much more often in women than in men, and it is more common in those living farther north, where there are shorter daylight hours in the winter.  Seasonal affective disorder can induce feelings of sadness, fatigue and lack of motivation. Trouble concentrating. Loss of interest in activities you usually  enjoy. Difficulty with sleep (either sleeping too much or too little). Feeling hopeless and worthless most of the time. Feeling irritable or cranky. Withdrawing from friends and family.  Suicidal ideations. Loss of appetite or overeating. BASICALLY, you feel utterly depressed, and can’t usually work out why… 

 Support for seasonal depression 

  • FOCUS on one small thing but significantly change your nutrition each day.

  •  A high quality multivitamin

  • Acupuncture treatments

  •  Ensure you are getting adequate levels of vitamin D.

  •  Get fresh air, bright light therapy, or sit in the sunlight near a window.

  •  Full suite of B vitamins in bioavailable ideal forms

  • You’re not alone.